Data Engineering

  • Data Engineering

    Data Engineering. Building the systems that power the insights.

    Data engineering is the programming, design and management of data as it flows into and through an organization to become actionable analytics. Your analytic success is wholly dependent upon the efficiency and flexibility of your data engineering practices and platforms.

    Choosing the right tool for the job is the first step. We recognize that not all data comes with simplified row-column access. The shape of data varies by volume, variety and velocity each requiring different technologies to get the job done.

    We are masters of a wide variety of data engineering platforms including classic ETL and database programming tools, like Pentaho Data Integration, agile languages like Python and the growing Hadoop ecosystem including Spark, Pig, Hive and Map-Reduce.

    Lets get started.

ETL & Data Engineering

We'll help you transform your data into an essential asset.

Hadoop Engineering

Engineered big data solutions for analysis.

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