Data Analytics

  • Data Analytics

    We build the systems to help you understand your data.

    Data Analytics is the modern term for Business Intelligence (BI), and includes traditional Reporting, OLAP and Dashboards, in addition to agile Visualization and Statistical Analysis.

    We do end to end Data Analytics, from classic Business Intelligence deployments through custom analytic applications.

    Lets get started.

Business Intelligence Development

We'll help you build an analytics capability with maximum benefit, and minimal risk.

We're the leading Pentaho services company. Hands down. Work with us.

Tableau Implementation Services

We're a Tableau Alliance Partner with a lot more than Tableau knowledge. We can help you.

Embedded Analytics Development

Need analytics in your app, but don't want to build it from scratch? We can help.

Contact us today to find out how Inquidia can show you how to collect, integrate and enrich your data. We do data. You can, too.

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